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Whirlpool Microwave Oven : Best cooking solutions

Whirlpool Corporation has its headquarters in Michigan and is an American multinational manufacturer. Whirlpool manufactures a range of household appliances including whirlpool oven.

Difference between a microwave and an oven-

An oven uses thermal insulation to cook food items whereas microwave oven uses microwave technology to do the same thing.

How to decide which Whirlpool microwave oven is suitable for your needs? Whirlpool has three types of microwave- Conventional (solo), grill and convection.

A little brief about the three types:

Conventional or solo microwave: Small microwaves that are easy to operate. Solo microwaves are capable of carrying out simple functions- defrosting and heating. It is the least expensive of all the three models.
Grill microwave: This is also a simple microwave but has the function of grilling, toasting and baking.
Convection microwave: The best microwave that can do everything including barbeque food. It is the most expensive of the three microwave ovens.

How to decide among the three types?

Assess your needs. Are you the kind of person who needs a fancy convection microwave or only wants to heat and defrost food? This can help you narrow down your choices.

You may still be confused between conventional and convection. To clear the air, here is the difference between conventional microwave oven and convectional microwave oven:

Convection microwave has a heating element and a fan to cook or heat food whereas conventional microwave integrates microwave technology with surrounding heat to do the same.

What Microwave size should you get: Whirlpool has several different sizes of microwave? Microwave capacity is measured in litres. An 18-20L is ideal for a small family. 20-30L microwave oven is more suited for a larger family.

What kind of warranty is offered: Look at the warranty that is being offered with the model you intend to purchase? It is very important to have a good warranty period of at least 2 years.

Automatic sensors: Whirlpool microwave oven has many sensors that automatically carry out certain functions such as it gives a warning if the door is not shut or stopping the process if overheating takes place.

Power Rating: How long it takes for your food to cook or heat depends on the power rating of the microwave. If the rating of the microwave is on the higher side, the time it takes to cook the food, is very less. Whirlpool has several different models with different ratings to suit each and every family.

Power level: A major flaw in most microwaves is that they do not allow any control over how much power emanates from the microwave while cooking the food. This is a tricky problem as different items obviously need different temperature settings. The basic models like solo microwave does not provide this function. If you really want your microwave to be a versatile piece of cooking equipment, then buy a model that allows you to set the temperature.

Mechanical Control panel: Microwave models with a mechanical control panel are much better than the ones with touch. The problem with the touch panels is that it is very susceptible to wear and tear. Therefore, it is advised to select a microwave oven with a mechanical control panel or one that has both touch and mechanical options.

Child lock: It is very important to think of safety first when you buy any model by Whirlpool. The child lock is present on many devices nowadays to prevent children from getting injured or damaging the machine. Whirlpool microwave ovens have a child lock model. It is recommended that you buy a microwave with a child lock feature than one without, to prevent any accidents or misuse.

Turntable: Always choose a microwave with a turntable. A turntable ensures that food is rotated in a full circle and gets heated or cooked even pretty evenly. A microwave without such a turntable means that you have to get in there and move the hot food around to make sure it is getting cooked evenly.

Auto cook function: The auto cook function has several different recipes including Indian food that lets you cook your food with the touch of simple buttons. This is a great feature to have if you are an amateur cook or someone who does not have the time to read instructions and cook food.

Auto Defrost: While basic solo microwaves are capable of defrosting, Convection microwaves take it one step further and have the function of auto defrost. Some models even have the function called auto defrost and cook which allows the food to be defrosted and cooked all in the same time without human intervention.

What kind of Budget do you have: Whirlpool makes microwaves that can fit budgets of all kinds? The Whirlpool oven price is not much, which attracts many customers for this reason.

Why you should take a Whirlpool microwave home today

Solo or conventional microwave Key Features:

Magic Menus: There are 6 preset menus to choose from. This means you can cook food like noodles, pasta, meals, curry, oats and masala omelet just by pressing a single button.
Express cooking: This feature allows you to cook food faster and quicker just by pressing by a button.
Huge Turntable: The turntable in all the models is a 245mm turntable. The huge surface area allows you to cook more food items or a large quantity of a single food item in one go.
10 Power levels: There are 10 different power levels to choose from in the microwave allowing you to set the power for different food items.
LED Display: The LED display makes it easy to see what options you have selected.

Special Features include:

Indian Auto-Cook menu: There are Indian items in the auto-cook menu Weight Defrost: You can set the weight of the food that you want to defrost and the microwave will calculate the time it will take.
Feather touch membrane: The control panel responds to a feather touch which means there is very little wear and tear of the panel.
Easy to use knobs: There are certain models that have knobs to indicate options and it is very simple to operate.

Grill microwave Key Features:

6 Magic Menus: The same pre-programmed magic menus are available in grill microwaves as well.
Auto Cook Menus: The auto cook features no less than 93 menus.
Large Turntable: The 245mm turntable is large enough to accommodate large quantities of food saving your time and effort to cook in batches.
Multi Stage cooking: With this function, you can choose a combination of cooking modes. You can select microwave and convection or microwave grill or even grill and microwave mode.

Special Features:

Double grill mechanism: The quartz heater is controlled by a micro-chip and so is the sheath heather. This ensures quicker grilling and even browning.

Convection Microwave Ovens Key Features:

2 minute crisp with 6TH SENSE® Crisp Bake Technology: This technology makes sure that the food has the best crisp and bake. This is possible because of the European Crisp pan that heats up from 0 to 210 degrees in just 2 minutes.

Zero Oil: You can choose to be healthy even if you do not bake your food. In the convection microwave, there is a zero oil mode that lets you cook without a drop of oil and gives you the opportunity to do so even in the grill mode.
Smarter than Air Fryers: The microwave oven is much smarter than an air fryer when it comes to crisp and bake. The microwave allows you to bake 50 percent quicker and retains 45 percent more moisture as compared to a conventional air fryer making it a truly versatile cooking equipment.
240° C Tandoor Heater: The tandoor heater ensures that you can prepare your favorite tandoori food, faster and with professional chef- like taste.
Weight Sensors: The 6TH SENSE® Weight Sensor Technology allows the microwave to decide how much food is to be cooked and automatically sets the time and power level.
2 Minute Recipes: There are a lot of healthy options of your favorite food that you can make in the Whirlpool microwave. You can download the free culinary app on your phone and make amazing recipes.

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