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Ricoh Printer: Only The Best For You

Ricoh Company, Ltd, established in 1963 by RIKEN zaibatsu. The headquarters is in a Ricoh building in Chuo, Tokyo.

Why do you need a Ricoh printer?

A printer is pretty useful to get hard copies of the content that you make and want to distribute or circulate. Without printers, it is impossible to imagine the distribution of knowledge.

Things to remember when buying a Ricoh Printer-

• Intended Use: There are many different kinds of printers in the market that allow you to explore different functionalities. Inkjet, laser, dot and matrix are some of the types available. It is up to you to determine what kind works for you the best and purchase the specific model of Ricoh printers that suits your requirements.

• All-in-one or not: Single function Ricoh printers only print. There are multifunctional Ricoh printers as well. The purpose for which you need a printer can help you narrow down your choice.

• Quality: How long do you want your printer to last? What kind of images does it print? These questions can make or break your decision when it comes to buying a printer. If you are only purchasing a printer for home use, go for a low-end model of Ricoh printers, but if you want professional quality images you are much better off choosing from the high-end models.

• Time it takes to print: Many printers take ages to turn on and be ready for the process of printing. Are you a book publisher or a corporate employee? How fast or slow you need your printer to be is dependent on what line of work you are in. Obviously, a book publisher needs a printer with high speed of printing and cannot wait around for very long. An employee in a corporate on the other hand usually does not need to print more than 10 pages at a time. Therefore the speed of printing does not need to be very fast. Ricoh printers have an extensive range of models that cater to all needs.

• Network and connection: Gone are the days when the printer had to be connected to the PC. With the advancement of technology, you can enjoy the benefits of a printer from literally anywhere in the world. Ricoh printers can be configured to suit your taste. If you do not need these high-tech features, then there is a simple model available. If you do need built-in networks then you can explore those options as well.

• Paper Type: The size, density and kind of paper can determine which model of Ricoh printers is suitable for you. You will need a bigger printer if you intend on printing huge ad banners or for advertising purposes. If you are only going to print on A4, then there is a variant available for you as well.

• Compact: When computers have become portable i.e. Laptop then why your printer should be stuck in one place. Ricoh printers have portable models that are designed to be easy to carry and very compact. There is no compromise on the design whatsoever.

• Additional costs: Maintenance, cartridges and damage rack up a lot of money. The toner is also very expensive. Ricoh printers have models that are easy to maintain and save ink and toner. This makes them a very sustainable product.

• Available space: What space do you have for your printer? If it is too small, avoid a heavier or bulkier model. Ricoh printers have a wide array of options to choose from. Price point: Fortunately, technology is not expensive anymore. There are many models of Ricoh printers that are well within your budget and are excellent printers.

• Power consumption: Choose a printer that does not take up a lot of power when in use. Also note the power consumed during standby. Ricoh printers usually consume less power than other brands reducing your carbon footprint.

• Paper Capacity: How much paper, a printer can hold in its output or input tray is also a good measure to decide if it is the one for you. Ricoh printers have a varied range of paper capacity to help you out.

• Advanced Features: There is a lot of features that are pretty advanced for a printer. It is possible to secure your data and use authentication to print. It is also possible to hold your prints. This prevents them from getting in the wrong hands. For a tech company building new software, information security is vital. Ricoh printers offer a whole host of options to make your data more secure. Whether you want those security features in your printer or not can help you to choose the model good for you.

Why should you buy Ricoh printers?

• Multifunctional: The Ricoh printers are multi-functional. They are versatile and cost-effective.

• Image Resolution: Ricoh printers have a 1200x600 dpi print resolution.

• Monochrome/color: You have the option to choose between a monochrome and a color model.

• USB connectivity: Ricoh printers have a port to plug in the USB. This is a very good feature as it allows you to print directly from the USB.

• Power: Ricoh printers consume less than 1.3 kW when in use making it a very efficient model for saving energy.

• Eco- compliant: Ricoh printers have an Energy Star 2.0 accreditation and are thus good for the planet.

• Low Total Cost of Ownership: Ricoh printers have a strategy in place that can help you save on additional costs.

• Space-saving: Ricoh printers are very compact and fit in any space.

• High productivity: You can save a lot of time with Ricoh printers as it can print 40 pages per minute.

• Double sided printing: Ricoh printers have the option of doubling sided printing saves both time and money.

• -Professional finishing: Ricoh printers have this amazing option to give your print a professional finish and play around with the colors without taking it to the editors.

• Expedite print tasks: Ricoh printers have the option to speed up your printing by using automated workflows. There are also many shortcuts to speed up the process.

• Print and share information: There is the option to remotely connect to the printer and print from your mobile device. You can even share information via your phone.

• Produce more types of documents: With Ricoh printers, you do not have to buy a lot of different models to be able to print on a different medium. Ricoh printers can handle a lot of different tasks.

• Minimize energy costs: There is a whole bunch of options to make sure that your energy costs remain low as Ricoh printers have all sorts of eco-friendly capabilities.

• Wi-Fi connectivity: Some models of Ricoh even have the option to connect to the Wi-Fi.

• Short Ready Time: Most printers take an awfully long time to start printing. Ricoh printers offer a very short ready time of 14 seconds for your convenience.

• Paper Capacity: Ricoh printers can hold up to 4,700 pages. There are models that can hold 300 pages as well. The different capacities can be quite appealing to different consumers.

• Smart Operation Panel: There is a smart operation panel on some models of Ricoh printers which is great to control your MFP. The operating panel is also designed to be intuitive.

• Locking trays: There are locking trays in Ricoh printers that make it very simple to protect your data.

• Authentication: There is also an additional authentication to secure your information in Ricoh printers.

How to buy Ricoh printers?

For small scale business or large scale corporations, Ricoh printer is the popular choice. It is not very difficult to see why it gets sold out with so many amazing features. Buying a Ricoh printer is a great choice and buying it online is even wiser. There is no assurance or guarantee that if you buy the printer offline and it starts malfunctioning, you will be given a refund or a replacement. However, the online Paytm mall puts the customer first. If you are unhappy with your prints, you can send it back at no extra cost and get a refund or replace the product. You are also greeted with such a vast ocean of products on a Paytm mall that you will need to look any further. There are assured delivery and customer support. The Ricoh printer price is also lower compared to other platforms. There are numerous offers available on every model. Paytm is the best place to get quality products at a surprisingly low cost. The EMI and no-cost EMI are also great for people who do not spend a lot at once. Paytm is a dream come true for everyone who believes in retail therapy. So, while you are browsing, check out these other options as well HP printers, Epson printers, Canon printers , Brother printers, Samsung printers, Kyocera printers, No matter which printer you end up buying, you are sure to have a safe and happy experience on Paytm mall.

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