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Pressure Cooker A Housemaker’s Best Friend

When it comes to the kitchen, pressure cookers are a tremendous asset to the cook’s skills. There is a huge range of pressure cooker available at Paytm Mall by the best of brands. Do not forget to browse through the beautiful stainless steel pressure cookers which make your kitchen and your cooking bliss without any obstacles.

Utilize the Most Out of Your Pressure Cooker

1. Store It Right

• The most suitable and best way to store your pressure cooker after using it is to place its lid upside down

• Wash the cooker with warm water and soap. It is also recommended to dry it completely before using it again to avoid any rusting or marks.

• Ensure the safety valves to make sure that they are clean and bright and that the rubber gasket is still supple and flexible before putting it under the lid

2. Always Cook with Liquid

Cooking under pressure requires less liquid than other traditional cooking methods since there is less evaporation. You can still use more liquid than recommended in a pressure cooker recipe, but never use less than recommended. Remember that pressure cookers cook quickly since they use the pressure created from the full, hot, trapped steam inside its pot.

Therefore: • Always use at least 1 cup of cooking liquid or water.

3. Never Overfill the Pressure Cooker

Steam doesn’t weigh anything, but it requires space in the pressure cooker to build up. Therefore:

• Never occupy it more than two-thirds full with food.

• Never fill it more than half full with liquid.

4. Adjust Heat

The concept of pressure cookers is simple. Water or any cooking liquid comes to a boil at approximately100 degrees Celsius. It produces steam which is hotter than boiling water. Steam is trapped inside which makes the cooking faster by at least 25 per cent. For best results:

• Begin cooking under pressure over high heat to facilitate.

• Once the pressure cooker comes up to pressure, lower the heat to a low burner setting.

• This is easy when using a gas based outlet. If going for electric, use two heaters: one on high heat to get things going; the other on low to maintain pressure.

5. Timing

Be sure to set a timeframe in mind to facilitate the entire process to avoid overcooking of food which might lead to damage of pressure cooker as well. Remember:

• Undercook than overcook.

• If food needs to be cooked longer, do so in 2-5 minute intervals under pressure.

• The harder the food, the longer the time taken and gas wasted.

6. Size Does Matter

• For better results, cut foods into pieces of the same size to encourage even cooking.

• Large portions of food take very much longer to cook than smaller pieces. Same goes with bones.

• When mixing foods, such as meat, potatoes, and vegetables, begin by preparing the meat, halfway through, release pressure then add the potatoes; cook then for two-thirds their recommended cooking time.

7. Intense Flavors

• For extra flavour, sauté foods first just like you would when cooking with traditional cookware. For instance, brown the meat and vegetables for a stew, before adding other items and cooking under pressure.

• Be sure to deglaze the pot, scraping up any browned bits hanging onto the bottom with a small amount of broth.

8. Release

They can’t be opened until you completely release the pressure from the cooker. Steam will be released regardless of what you are cooking and thus pressure.

• The Natural Release: when preparing tough or massive cuts of meat, remove the pressure cooker from the heat source and let the pressure dissipate on its own as the pressure cooker cools down. It could take up to 30 minutes.

• Quick Release: You can move the pressure cooker from the burner to the sink and pour some cold water on it.

9. Adapting Favorite Recipes for the Pressure Cooker

You can cook almost anything in it. The following are a few hints for adapting straight recipes to the pressure cooker:

• Prep ingredients as called for in the simple recipe.

• Make sure you are using enough water to create steam (usually a minimum of 1 to 2 cups).

• Adjust the cooking time according to the recommended time for the type of food you plan to cook.

• Cut back on the cooking time at least 25%, up to 50% if possible

• Remember, you can always go back and cook the food for more time if need be being it undercooked, while overcooked, you cannot salvage mushy food.

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