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Philips Pop-Up Toaster: Have a Toasty Morning

Toast is the breakfast of champions. With Philips Toastersyou can have perfect toast every single morning. Philips was established in 1891 in Eindhoven. Their headquarters are in Amsterdam. It is an eco-friendly company that believes in sustainable practices.

What to look for when buying a Toaster?

• Size: Is your kitchen small? What is the size of your family? The answer to these questions can help you decide what size toaster you should invest in. Toasters range from 2-slice to 6-slice.

• Browning control: Some people prefer their bread lightly toasted and some like it crispy. This is determined by the heating elements inside your toaster. If the distance between the elements is a lotthen you get uneven browning and if the distance is lessthen your bread gets browned evenly. Before you buyyou should look inside the toaster make sure that the elements fitted inside are appropriate for you.

• Power: How much time do you have in the morning? If you want toast pretty quicklyyou should take a look at the wattage. The more watts (power) your model hasthe quicker your toast is ready. The type of bread you put in can also impact how fast your toast is ready.

• Energy efficiency: The environment needs us to be more aware of our carbon footprint. Choose an energy efficient model that takes up less power and does the job quicker. You may also want to see if you can control how many slots heat up at once. If you only need to toast one slice of bread but all the slots heat upit is not very energy-efficient.

• Longevity: How long does your toaster last? A good quality toaster built with premium material will last you a long time. It may be on the expensive side but it will serve you longer. Check to see if your toaster comes with a warranty. Keeping your toaster clean is also helpful to increase the life of the product.

Features to look out for -

There are about a hundred dozen kinds of bread out there. Depending on what you want to toastthere are some extra features you may want to look out for.

• Reheat: If you are having an extremely busy day and did not get enough time to have your toast in the morningyou can always reheat it later if your toaster has that option. It usually takes 60 seconds to do so.

• Defrost: Many of us like to refrigerate bread. This poses a problem when it comes to toasting. Look for the defrost option to heat up the bread first and then toast it. This can all be done in once cycle easily.

• Crumb tray: If you want your toaster to last a very long timeyou need to clean it very often. It is hard to clean a toaster because of the tiny slots. A lot of toasters have something called a crumb tray that can help you catch the crumbs every time you toast some bread. You can simply clean the crumb tray and use your toaster for longer.

• Cancel: There can be an instance in which you need to stop toasting midway because of some other work. Usually once you put in the slicesthere is nothing you can do about them. Some toasters have a great option called ‘cancel’ that lets you stop the process at any time without damaging the toaster.

• Extra lift: When the toast is readyit usually pops up with a ding sound. More often than notyou end up burning your fingers trying to remove the toast from the hot toaster. This happens because the toast only pops up an inch or two. If you are toasting smaller itemsthis can be especially difficult. Look for a toaster that has the ‘Extra Lift’ feature. This allows the toasting slots to be lifted more than usualallowing you to remove the items without the risk of burns or injuries.

• Bagel setting: If you are a fan of bagelsyou may want to look for the ‘bagel setting’ on toasters. This allows you to only toast the cut side of the bagel.

• Countdown timer: With normal toastersyou have to play the waiting game and guess how long your toast will take to pop out. If you invest in an expensive modelthe ‘countdown timer’ will show you exactly how much time is left. You can co-ordinate the rest of your breakfast to ensure that everything is ready at the same time and is piping hot.

• Bun Warmer: Toasters with the ‘bun warmer’ setting can help you heat up buns.

• Peek and pop: You may want to check on your bread hallway through toasting. The ‘peek and pop’ feature is really handy because you want to pause the toasterpop the bread and look at it and resume the process.

Which is better for you: 4-slice toaster or 2-slice toaster?

Depending on the size of your familykitchen and your budgetyou can opt for either the 2-slice or 4-slice model.

If you want more flexibilitychoose the 4-slice model as it lets you toast several things at the same time and you will be able the slots independent of the others. This is good if you are running a business or are having a party.

If your kitchen is tinygo for a compact 2-slice toaster. You can even look for a slim 2-slot option where 2 slices of bread can fit in each side.

Why Sould You Choose Philips Toaster?

• Non slip feet: Philips Toasters come with a special feature called ‘Non slip feet’. This prevents accidental knocking of your toaster and damaging it. Usuallymost toasters do not have non slip feetmaking them very prone to accidents. This is a very good feature to have especially if you have children as they may hurt themselves while playing.

• Cancel Button: The very handy feature of ‘Cancel’ is present in Philips Toasters. If you get called away urgently or have something else to doyou can always press cancel and the toasting stops immediately.

• High lift function: Philips Toaster has a high lift function that makes the toasting slots pop higher than normal toasters. This is especially useful if you want to take out your toast without burning your fingers. This is also very handy when you have smaller items to toast like crumpets.

• Adjustable browning: Not everyone likes their toast the same way. Some prefer it lightly toasted and others like it extremely crispy. Most toasters do not give you any control over this. Philips Toasters on the other handgive you the control to adjust the level of browning of your toast.

• Defrost: Even if you refrigerate your breadyou can get perfectly good toast with Philips. The toaster warms it up first and then toasts it. You get amazing toastwhether it is frozen or fresh.

• Compact: Don’t have enough space in the kitchen? What you need is the compact design by Philips in your kitchen. Even if you have a small kitchen or counter space then Philips is the right choice for you.

• Metal body: Philips Toaster is made from premium materials. The body is all metalgiving it a sleek and elegant look. It’s perfect for your stylish kitchen. The metal body also means that it will last longer because it is made with high-quality material.

• Extended heating platform: Philips offers an extended heating platform to allow you to get an even browning on your toast every single time.

• Cord storage: Your kitchen can look like a real mess when you have a lot of wires from your appliances lying around. Fortunatelythis is not a problem you will face with Philips Toaster. They have a system called ‘Cord Storage’ that lets you neatly tuck away the wires freeing up some more counter space and making your kitchen look neat and tidy.

• Reheat: Philips Toasters have a neat function where you can reheat toast. This feature is very useful if you did not get time to eat your toast in the morning.

• One-side toasting setting: If you are a big fan of bagels and baguettesthen you absolutely should go for Philips. It has a one-side toasting setting that is perfect to toast the cut side of the bagels.
• Bun warmer: Philips has a bun warmer setting in its toasters. This is perfect for you if you want to toast buns.

• Even browning: If you are the kind of person that likes his/her toast to be browned evenlythen Philips is for you.

• Crumb Tray: The toaster has a crumb tray that catches all the crumbs leaving less for you to clean inside the slots. This is very useful when you want to extend the life of your product.

•Unique slot design for crumb tray: Philips Toasters are one step ahead of all the other toasters. They have a unique slot design that makes it easier to push more crumbs to the crumb tray extending the life of your toaster even more than usual.

• Easy Cleaning: Philips Toasters have a very easy system to clean it.The crumb tray can be easily detached with just one click. The more often you clean your toasterthe longer it will last you.

•Extra-long slot for baguettes: There is an extra-long slot present in the toasters unlike other toasters especially meant for baguettes.

• Cool to touch: Unlike many toasters out therePhilips has cool touch stainless steel body that does not heat up when it is in use. This is great to prevent any burns or injuries. It is also helpful if you have young children who are prone to such accidents.

Where to Buy Philips Pop-Up Toasters?

Your best bet would be to buy them online. There are many great discounts that you can avail of. Paytm Mall has a wonderful selection of all the pop up toasters by Philips. The Philips toasters price is really low on the app compared to actual shops. Not only do you get to shop with just one clickbut also you get great customer servicedo check them out on the app.

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