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Morphy Richards Microwave: The best microwave in the market

Morphy Richards has been a legend in the European market for over 80 years. They design household appliances ranging from Morphy Richards oven to hair dryer. All their products are designed to make lives easier.

How is a microwave different from an oven?

There are many different types of oven-convection oven, gas oven, and conventional oven. While other ovens use thermal insulation to cook food, microwave ovens use safe radiation to heat food.

Here’s how to decide which model of Morphy Richards oven is good for you -

Type of Microwave oven: There are 3 different types of Morphy Richards microwave that you can choose from – conventional, grill and convection.

Conventional microwave: This type is small and very easy to operate. It has the basic functions like defrosting and reheating.

Grill microwave: This type provides extra features like grilling, toasting and baking unlike the conventional microwave.

Convection microwave: This microwave is the best out of the lot because it can do it all and more.

Evaluate your household needs and accordingly buy a model that suits you.

If you are still confused between conventional and convection, here is the difference between the two.

Conventional vs. Convection

Conventional microwave integrates standard microwave technology with radiant heat and circulating hot air to cook the food. Alternatively, convection microwaves have a heating element and a fan to circulate hot air inside the microwave. Convection microwave heats/cooks the food evenly.

Size of the microwave: Your family size can help you determine what size microwave you should buy. A small family can do with an 18-20L microwave oven by Morphy Richards. A larger family would need a bigger microwave, at least 20-30L...

Warranty: Check what type of warranty comes with the variant that you want to purchase. It is essential to have some type of warranty before purchasing an electronic item.

Automatic sensor: Certain models by Morphy Richards have an automatic sensor, which can sense if the food has been cooked completely, and hence shut down. If this is a feature that you would like in your microwave, then look for these models only.

Power Rating: Check the wattage of the microwave. This is an important factor before you buy a Morphy

Richards oven. If the power rating is high, the cooking time will be less. At the same time you do not want a microwave that consumes a lot of power. Choose a model that strikes a perfect balance between higher wattage and less power consumption.

Power level: Most microwaves have one major flaw. Different food items need to be cooked at different temperatures but most microwave ovens have only one power level. You cannot change it to suit it to your cooking needs. Morphy Richards, however, has models where you can decide the power level. There are models that have 5 power levels and it goes all the way up to 11.

Control panel: Check out the control panel before buying the microwave. Touch panels are very prone to failure and damage and it is often better to have a mechanical one. Buy a model that has a combination of both or just has a mechanical one.

Child safety lock: If you have kids at your home, then this feature is a must-have. Kids are very prone to accidents and injuries so make sure the microwave oven you buy has a child safety feature. The electric lock system will prevent them for opening it and injuring themselves.

Turntable: Buy a model that has a turntable than one without. The turntable ensures that your food gets cooked or heated evenly. In a model without a turntable, you will have to physically move your food around every few seconds to ensure homogenous heating.

In-built Recipe presets: Nowadays, Microwave ovens have an in-built preset for making common recipes. This means that you can just select ‘pasta’ or ‘cake’ on the microwave and push the start button. The only input you need to give is the quantity and the microwave will calculate the time and heat automatically. This is a great feature to have if you are new to cooking or just do not know how much time an item takes to cook . Look for a model that has this feature if you are interested.

Defrost: Usually microwaves are used for defrosting but happen to cook the food while they are defrosting it. Look for a model by Morphy Richards that has a separate defrost button that asks you what type of food item it is and the quantity. Then, the microwave automatically calculates the time it will take to defrost the food and does not end up cooking your food.

Budget: This is probably the most important factor. You want a model that is not over your budget but has all the features you want. Fortunately, the Morphy Richards oven price is different for budget models.

Why Morphy Richards microwave is heaven-send

Auto cook: Morphy Richards has the beloved auto cook feature and can cook more than 200 recipes with just one button. This is perfect for a novice in the kitchen.

Motorized Rotisserie: Morphy Richards’s oven has an amazing feature that makes the food turn on its own without you having to intervene.

Child safety lock: All the models by Morphy Richards have a child safety lock to prevent any accidents or burn injuries. The feature freezes the panel preventing any misuse.

11 power levels to choose: Usually microwave ovens only have one power setting but Morphy Richards oven has 11 power levels to choose from. This allows you to be in charge of the temperature as per your requirement.

Auto Defrost and cooking: Unlike other microwaves where you have to separately defrost your food and then cook it, Morphy Richards oven does it all in one go. This feature allows you to defrost your food and continue cooking it at the same time.

Deodorize function: We cook a lot of food in microwaves and sometimes the smell of the food is hard to get out of the oven. The deodorize function is great because it ventilates the oven. It also freshens the cavity and alleviates any smoke or strong smells.

Overheat sensory protection: Every now and then the food in the microwave gets burnt to a crisp. Morphy Richards microwave has a overheat sensor that senses when the food is getting overheated and automatically shuts off.

Warranty: All the microwave ovens by Morphy Richards come with 2 years warranty, which is much better than other brands that only provide 1 year warranty.

Stainless Steel cavity: The cavity inside the microwave is made of stainless steel. This improves cooking because the heat and microwaves are reflected on the stainless steel leading to faster and uniform cooking.

Accessories: The microwave intended for grill purposes comes with a wire rack and a baking plate.

Buying Guide: Where to purchase Morphy Richards oven from?

Here is the secret that was promised earlier: How to buy a Morphy Richards oven if it is over your budget?

If you go to a showroom and try to purchase the microwave, you will find that it is very hard to get a good bargain. Not to worry though, just go online on Paytm Mall, search for Morphy Richards oven and you will see all the products that have heavy discounts and great offers.

Paytm Mall is your secret arsenal for buying the best products in the world without spending a lot of money on it. It is easy to use and has a ton of exciting features on the app and website.

It lets you browse through the products at your own leisure because the offer stands all year round. There is no rush or ticking timer pressuring you to buy the products immediately.

You can even look at other similar products such as ifb microwave ovens, lg microwave ovens, Samsung microwave ovens, Electrolux microwave ovens, Morphy Richards microwave ovens, panasonic microwave ovens, whirlpool microwave ovens, godrej microwave ovens, Bajaj microwave ovens without going to another website.

Paytm Mall is a trusted website where you can be absolutely sure that your money is rightly spent. If you have a problem with your product, speak to their excellent customer service that is available 365 days 24x7. You can get a refund or a replacement very easily. This is something that is not possible in an actual store.

You can also read the customer reviews of other clients before making a final decision about which microwave oven to get. Your choices are limitless as you can sit and compare features of different microwaves by different brands and get the best one for you.

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