Microwave Ovens

All of us have had midnight cravings at times and it is that time when we long for hot food and this is when a microwave oven comes into the picture. A microwave oven helps us heat and cook food in a jiffy, which makes our life a lot more convenient. Types of microwave ovens available in the market at present are built-in, convection, grill, OTG, and solo. At the time of purchasing a microwave oven, you just need to decide on the capacity, which will match up to your requirements and then decide on a microwave oven that fits into your budget. Consider buying Samsung microwave and IFB microwave, as both these reputed consumer electronics brands have some of the best-selling microwave ovens on offer. Add all the shortlisted products in the cart and purchase them at cut-rate prices.

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Microwave Oven – A Must Have In the Modern Kitchen | Paytm Mall

Microwaves have become an essential part of the household. Today, microwaves are more than just a reheating device that is used for preparing frozen food to eat. A premier microwave is a multipurpose addition to any modern kitchen. Paytm Mall hosts an incredible range of microwave ovens that come with high-performance cooking capabilities for the best user experience. You can buy microwave ovens from an array of leading brands like Bajaj, Bosch, Carrier, Electrolux, Glen, Godrej, Haier, Havells, Kenstar, Koryo, LG, Lifelong, Maharaja, Morphy Richards, Onida, Panasonic, Prestige, Samsung, Spherehot, Sunflame, Usha, Whirlpool, Wonderchef and so on reputed for bringing quality blended with advanced technology in their products.

Whether you want to try out a new recipe, warm up leftovers, defrost ingredients, prepare a midnight snack for the untimely hunger pangs, prepare your food a little faster with a premium microwave oven from the online store of Paytm Mall. Here, you will find different types of microwave ovens including OTG ovens, grill microwaves, convection microwave, wall mount, built-in and solo for different types of cooking. Now a days, cooking food is no more a cumbersome process. Here, you can find a versatile range of microwave ovens that come with different power levels and a variety of cook options to create your favorite meals, ranging from fresh vegetables to rice. These also come up with various reheat and defrost options to help you in the meal preparation.

Different Types of Microwaves

Now a days, a superior quality microwave oven is a kitchen staple. When you are planning to buy a microwave oven for your kitchen, the most critical decision over microwave selection is which type of microwave oven to buy. Different types of microwave ovens available at the online store of Paytm Mall include convection, OTG, Built-In, Grill and Solo microwave ovens for you to pick as per your cooking requirements and lifestyle.

Convection Type - If you love to bake cakes and cookies, convection microwave ovens are your perfect options. Convection microwave ovens use a heating element and fan that circulates heat waves uniformly & efficiently for the proper cooking & baking of the food. Find convection microwave ovens that offer additional features such as Indian cook menu, temperature range, wide turn table, power levels and so on.

Grill Microwave Oven - Are you very much fond of grilled delicacies like tandoori chicken, kebabs, grill paneer and so on, then grill microwave ovens will be the perfect addition in your kitchen. This type of oven come along with additional grilling accessories to prepare grilled or crunchy food in less time. At Paytm Mall, you will find high-end grill microwave ovens with tandoor technology and other advanced features such as options to disable the turn table, excellent ceramic interiors, different pre-programmed local recipes, eco mode for standby and so much more to provide you a seamless user-experience.

OTG Microwave Oven - OTG is short for oven-toaster and griller. It is mainly used for baking, broiling, toasting and grilling. OTG’s are a very economical option and available in varying capacities ranging from 0 - 25 L to 26 - 30 L, Above 30 L and Below 20 L. OTG’s are very light weight units that can be moved very easily. If you dedicatedly want to grill and toast with supreme baking quality, go for OTG microwaves for an amazing cooking experience.

Solo Microwave Oven - These are the very basic models of microwave ovens. These type of ovens are best suited for simple cooking and reheating. At Paytm Mall, you will come across solo microwave ovens with features such as manual defrost, pre & quick heat options, feather touch control panel and so on.

Top Features to Look When Buying Microwave Ovens

The must have features that you must take into consideration when looking for a microwave oven for your home are listed below. Find a microwave oven with some amazing features and make the best purchase decision.

Child Lock - If you have kids at home, then do look for a child lock feature in your microwave oven for safe & secure handling. The electric lock system will prevent any kind of accident or misuse, thus keeping your child’s security intact.

Multistage Cooking - This feature allows you to cook food at different power setting as per the cooking requirements. You can set the microwave oven to start with a cooking cycle and switch to another setting on its own.

Pre-Programmed Settings - Modern age models come with pre-programmed settings that lets you cook different meals directly with the press of a button without you having to set the timer or power level.

Automatic Sensors - This feature determines whether or not the food is properly cooked. It works by determining the humidity or steam in the oven. It can prevent the food from over or under cooking.

Power Rating - Microwaves generally have a power rating in the range of 600 and 1500 watts. Higher the wattage, more the heat and lower power imply more cooking time. If you have to cook in large quantities, consider opting for a powerful microwave oven or if you have to cook for 2 or fewer people, you can opt for a less powerful microwave oven.

Microwave Ovens, OTG Ovens, Grill Microwave, Convection Microwave & More at Affordable Prices

Imagine you have surprise friends at home and you have no one to assist you in the snack preparation. What will you do? Don’ fret! Switch on your microwave and you can make mug cake in a couple of minutes, crispy potatoes, tasty popcorn, toast nuts in the microwave or just bung it a few sprigs of broccoli and make up a scrumptious dish for your guests in no time. We have ovens with smooth finishes and stainless steel construction with space-saving features that can accommodate itself into any kitchen decor.

We have microwave ovens that come packed with features like child-safety lock, auto defrost & steam cooking, multi-stage cooking, LED display, touch key pad and so on. These wonder appliances perform an array of functions like baking, reheating, defrosting, roasting, grilling, boiling and steaming. Now, prepare your favorite chocolate cake or pineapple upside down cake in no time. Grill microwave ovens come with additional grill heater that helps in the browning of food, making them crispier on the outside and juicier on the inside. With convection microwave ovens you can steam veggies, make a baked potato, cook an egg and prepare a plenty of other on-the-go dishes. We have ovens in varying capacities ranging from 20 - 25 L, 26 - 30 L, Above 30 L and Below 20 L.

Paytm Mall is the ultimate destination for all your electronics needs. Apart from microwave ovens, you may also like to explo0re other sections like Air Conditioners, Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Geysers, Chimneys, Air Coolers, Dishwashers, Cloth Dryers, Voltage Stabilizer, Inverters, Inverter Batteries and the options are endless. Moreover, our wide range of deals and discounts will help you save extra money whenever you shop online with us.

Buy microwave ovens at Paytm Mall and make cooking a fun experience.

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