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Kyocera Printers: Print Anything

Kyocera is a prominent company and excels when it comes to global brand value. The company has been consistently providing high-quality products that has ensured a fan following for them. They have a lot of loyal customers who prefer this brand when looking for a specific product offered by them.

How does a Kyocera printer work?

Printers are usually connected to the computer and operate as an output device. Now, printers can be used remotely as well. It can be connected via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Ethernet.

What should you look for in a Kyocera Printer?

• Printer type: Kyocera printers come in a lot of different types. From laser to inkjet to multifunctional. Your needs will determine the type you need to purchase. Do keep in mind that there is not a lot of difference in price points between inkjet and laser but the cartridges may cost more for one than the other.
• Versatile or Single Functional: A wide array of Kyocera Printers are available depending on the intended use. In an office setting an all-in-one printer that can print, copy, fax and scan is the best option. If you do not require such complexities, then opt to buy a printer that has a single function i.e. print.
• Quality of the image: Unless you are a design company or a multimedia production house that requires high resolution, quality images, it is okay to buy a cheaper model. Kyocera printers have great image resolution in all their models but the high-end ones provide better results.
• A Speed of printing: How fast do you want your content to get printed? If you print in bulk it is probably not a good idea to have a printer that is extremely slow. Kyocera printers have a good overall printing speed but it does vary from model to model.
• Remote connection vs. physical connection: Earlier, it was impossible to imagine that a printer can print without being connected to the PC. It is possible to do that now. You could be anywhere in the world and connect to your Pc via cell phone and get your job done. Printers also tend to have other options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet. These connections may be slow or fast so you should know what works best for you.
• Type of Paper: You need special printers to print on different kinds of paper. Postcards, banners or flex cannot be handled by a normal printer. There are different models of Kyocera printers that are equipped to deal with different kinds of material and sizes.
• Easy to carry around: If your work involves a lot of traveling and you need to take your printer with you or if you have a large office space and everyone shares a printer, the printer should be easy to carry around. There are Kyocera printers that are meant for this exact scenario. They are designed to be on-the-go printers.
• Associated Costs: Your work does not end when you buy a printer. Printers require maintenance and up keep. The ink also needs to be replaced at frequent intervals. Fortunately, there are Kyocera printers that are very low maintenance and their operational costs are also not very high. Look for these models to save you some extra money.
• Size of the printer: Kyocera printers differ in size, shape, and form. If your space is small, there are printers for that. If you have a separate printing room, there are printers large enough to fill the room. There should be enough space for the printer in your office or home.
• Wallet-friendly: Kyocera printers have a lot of affordable models. If you cannot splurge on a new printer, there is even a no-cost EMI option which we will discuss later. The point is you do not have to give up the brand and settle for a bad printer.
• Low power consumption: You must be mindful of how much power is being consumed. Unless you want to be saddled with a huge electricity bill at the end of the month, note the power consumed by the printer. Kyocera printers are very good for the environment as they do not consume a lot of power. Why are Kyocera Printers the best?
• Simple: Kyocera printers are not overly complex printers. It is quite user-friendly and comes with a simple instruction manual.
• Efficient: The effectiveness and efficiency of Kyocera printers are much higher compared to other brands.
• Easy eco driver: Kyocera has been in the electronics game for a long time and they truly understand their customer’s needs. The printers have an easy eco driver that optimizes your experience of printing. Easy Eco Driver saves on toner and cuts down on the energy used. You can further save toner by clicking the Toner Saving Mode.
• Multifunctional: Kyocera Printers have models that are capable of 3 functions. This is especially great when you do not want to buy separate machines. It is very expensive to buy a separate printer, scanner, fax machine and a copier.
• Good input tray capacity: The printers can hold up to 150 sheets at a time. This is very good because you do not stand there and keep feeding the printer paper.
• Good output tray capacity: When it comes to printing, most printers cannot hold an output page. This means that a person has to physically stand there and keep collecting the pages as and when the output tray is full. A Kyocera printer has a very good output tray capacity compared to other printers.
• Optimal printing resolution: Kyocera printers have an optimal print resolution of 1200x1200 dpi. DPI stands for dots per inch. This means higher the dpi, better the quality of your image.
• Power: Kyocera Printers on an average do not consume a lot of power. They need 100-240 V to work and thus are very power-efficient.
• Built-in Network: Kyocera printers come with a built-in network for a better connectivity.
• Sharp copies and scans: When it comes to clear and sharp images, Kyocera is undefeated. All the models produce very clear and crisp images. In other printers, the images tend to bleed and the scans are not very clear.
• Low cost: Kyocera printers have a separate toner system. This helps to keep the cost low.
• Ergonomic design: Kyocera printers are a sight for sore eyes. With its ergonomic design, it definitely soars to the top of the list. They look so elegant and sophisticated that you might want to change the décor based on the printer.
• Central print usage control: In an attempt to cut down on further costs, there is a central print usage control available in Kyocera printers. This is a good way to save more resources.
• Enterprise-level document security: Kyocera printer offers a great level of security and is perfect for enterprises who do not want their private documents leaked. It is essential to maintain a great level of secrecy, especially at development sites.
• Easy secure printing: Users are expected to input a password known only to them to complete the printing job. This is possible with the easy secure printing that has an inbuilt keypad that is numeric in nature.
• Built-in duplex printing: It is also possible to do double-sided printing with Kyocera. This helps save money and resources.

Where can you purchase a Kyocera Printer?

The short answer is online. The effortless experience of buying things online also translates to Kyocera printers. Why is it good? It is a win-win situation. You spend less by buying it online. If you were to physically go to a shop and buy a Kyocera printer, you may leave feeling confused and spend on your travel pointlessly. You see, in a shop, you cannot compare models side-by-side. There also chances of you being duped. Also, transporting the printer will be your headache. Installing it will be another hassle. Customer care may or may not respond to your calls for maintenance. Save yourself all this trouble and go online on Paytm mall right now and shop to your heart’s content. It is exactly what you think it is. With scores of products in every line, Paytm mall is the mecca of all things you can imagine. You will also be surprised by the Kyocera printer’s price on the app or website. There are always offers attached to the products whether it is a sale or not. Excellent customer service is assured and you leave a happy person. It is also exceedingly simple to make a purchase on Paytm mall. They accept a wide range of payment modes making everyone’s lives easier. The sheer range of Kyocera printers available will astonish you. Even if you feel like you cannot afford it, there are ways to get around the problem. Almost all the models come with an EMI-option which means you can pay for your printer in installments. The no-cost EMI option is also an option with select cards during certain offer periods which is an added bonus. While you are here, do check these printers out as well HP printers, Epson printers, Canon printers, Brother printers, Ricoh printers, Kyocera printers.

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