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Guide to Buy a Perfect Haier Water Geyser

Nowadays everyone needs hot water for a variety of purposes such as cleaning or bathing. Gone are the old days of heating water by kettle or cauldrons. They were in a way quite efficient too, as they are capable of heating the water at a predetermined temperature. To enjoy the benefits of technology and efficiency of the present-day geyser, buy Haier geyser online.

With advancing technology, we also make sure that Haier geyser consists of all the safety measures which would lead to prevention of electric shocks. Hot water through this geyser can be successfully installed in a way so as to obtain them through the passage of multiple taps.

Different types of heaters

There are electrical water heaters and LPG water heaters available in the market. The former works by the supply of electricity while the latter operates on the Liquefied Petroleum Gas. The electric water heaters are further subdivided into three types that are:

1.Immersion rods

2.Storage heaters

3.Instant heaters

Electric water heaters: Preferably used to heat water or oil. Immersion rods are widely used in modern day industries and in the households as well. While using an immersion Rods, all you need to do is immersing the rod into the liquid and set the desired temperature. The liquid will be heated at that particular temperature in a few moments.

As the main supply of energy is obtained through electrical energy, so as soon as you switch on the power, the flow of current spreads into the liquid itself. It is highly recommended by the professionals to not to touch the liquid or the immersion Rods while you are using it. For the purpose of insulation, the Haier geyser is coated with nicely chromium wire and magnesium oxide.

Storage heaters: Also known as the heat bank, storage heaters let you store an enormous amount of thermal energy in the evening and night. The most primary reason to store this energy at night time is the availability of base load electricity at a cheaper cost.

Instant heaters: Widely known as the tank-less heaters, instant heaters provide you with hot water quickly. When you turn your hot tap water on, cold water that is traveling from the main supply is made to enter an electric heating element with the help of a pipe, where it quickly turns it into hot water, thereby giving you an instant supply of hot water in your tap.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas water heaters: Popularly known as the gas geyser, the LPG water geyser is considered to be as the most efficient geyser amongst all. The working is almost similar to that of the instant geyser, such that the cold water flowing into water heater thereby igniting the gas burner which is already maintained at the desired temperature. The water absorbs as much heat as it can and then comes out through the hot water tap.

Maintenance of your water heater

Owing to the above variety of water heaters, every water heater requires a different kind of maintenance. All the details are already mentioned in the user manual you obtain after you buy Haier geyser online.

Some tips for maintaining your Haier geyser are as follows:

1. It is always beneficial to know that your geyser will last almost 10 to 13 years.

2. Make a habit of getting your water heater examined by a professional heating contractor.

3. Always read your user manual before you start using your water heater. It is better to have a basic knowledge of the equipment.

4. In case you live in a place where you get the supply of hard water, then you should never forget to flush your tank in every six months.

5. By maintaining your water heater on regular basis, also keep a check that sediments don't collect it.

6. There is a pressure relief valve in LPG water heaters and storage heaters. It is a kind of safety device which saves yours from exploding by releasing the extra pressure that builds up inside it.

Usage and storage capacity of heaters (for 2 persons)

1.Bathtub- 25 litres

2.Kitchen - 15 litres

3.Overheard showers-15 to 35 litres

4.Bucket bath-35 litres

How to choose which kind of water heater you should buy?

1. Due to a variety of water geyser available, make sure that you have a good supply of either electricity or LPG, depending upon the type of Haier geyser you are about to buy.

2. To obtain the benefits of a high energy efficient water geyser, check its star rating before buying.

3. Before deciding to purchase your Haier geyser, don't forget to check different models and compare their respective operating costs.

4. To ensure that the water geyser meets the need of your family, be calculative enough to pick the right size of the water geyser. You should be well aware of hot water usage your family requires in a day and accordingly go for the size of the water geyser.

Certification of water geyser

The power efficiency of a water geyser is known to be indicated by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. The heat inside a water geyser is lost in the presence of still water and not the flowing water in the tank. Henceforth, these ratings are only applied on the storage heaters.

The highest rating of a storage water heater can obtain is five star, while the lowest is one star. Higher the ratings, better the insulation of water heater. Why do you need a better insulation? Say for an instance you left your water geyser switched on for a lot of time and forgot about it better insulation would make sure that the energy is saved and whatever the heat is generated is efficiently retained.

To have a better insulted or a higher rated water geyser, you might have to pay a higher price. You will surely have the advantage in the long run by the usage of a higher rated Haier geyser, it will be highly efficient and a safe choice.

Pressure relief valve

The pressure relief valve is basically a safety valve inside the water geyser which would help in controlling and limiting the extra pressure that builds up inside your equipment. If not handled properly it can lead to the failure of your equipment al-together or in extreme consequences can even result in the fire.

There is a slight chance that the valve might have stopped working. To check its state, pull the handle up and down d let the water flow our and stop respectively. If the water does not run or drip, then immediately replace your valve.

Make sure that you flush the hot water inside your heater through the pressure relief valve so that no sediment gets accumulated. Flushing should be done once in a year.

Safety measures

1. There should be no accumulation of dust particles anywhere near the water heater.

2. Make sure that the temperature inside your water heater is always maintained below 50 degrees Celsius. You can set this temperature to adjust the temperature present outside the water heater.

3. Before using the water heater, read the guidelines mentioned in the user manual.

4. Maintenance on a routine basis is very important. Equipment failure or tank failure are the major issues that build up if you don't maintain your equipment. The main reason being that over the time your heater starts accumulating the sediment. To be free of such problems in future, use the pressure relief valve.

5. To ensure the safety of your children, never leave them around the water heater. As the current flows in the liquid when the power is switched on, even a small human contact can lead to electric shock.

6. If you are using LPG water heaters, make sure that you clean your water heater regularly, such that there is no accumulation of combustible material inside it.

7. The Consumer Product Safety says that nearly 200 people die every year from the carbon monoxide poisoning. Keep a detector, in case there is any leakage.

8. By any chance, if you smell sulphur near your water heater, be quick to call the fire department. The smell of sulphur spreads due to the gas leakage.

Before buying a Haier geyser, think on every aspect that has been mentioned above. You should decide which kind of water heater is required in your house and depend on your usage of hot water, pick the geyser of the right size. You must go through the features Haier geyser offers before you go ahead and buy them online. Visit Paytm Mall and check out other brands like Bajaj Geyser and Havell's Geyser and enjoy a variety of deals, cashback offers and discounts making your purchase further reasonable.

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