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Clifton Geyser: Make Your Life Simpler

Clifton India was established in the year 1999. They manufacture and supply a whole range of Appliances intended for household use. These appliances are only built using premium material to meet the industry standards. Clifton products are easy to use. They are also very durable and low maintenance.

What to look for when buying a geyser?

Some factors to keep in mind when selecting a geyser:-

Usage: What will you be using the geyser for? Is it for household or commercial use? Where do you intend to install it? These things will ultimately decide which geyser you should buy.

Budget: Depending on how much you intend to spend, there are a whole range of products you can buy. You should make sure to not be a miser when it comes to geyser though. Investing in a good geyser will give you good results in the long run.

Features: Look for features that are essential to you. For example, a thermostat allows you to control the temperature of water. In some geysers, there is a very nifty feature that lets you control the wattage based on the weather. Some geysers also have a digital thermometer where you can see the accurate temperature of water. Another feature that is very useful is ‘Thermal cut-off’. This basically means that when your geyser reaches the desired temperature it cuts the power to itself preventing overheating.

Build: You should invest in a geyser that is built from high quality raw materials and will last you a long time. The look of the geyser was probably not a concern earlier but now it matters a lot. You want your appliances to look trendy and not something out of the 80s. A geyser that look sleek and elegant is a big plus. If you are remodelling your bathroom, you do not want a geyser that looks out of place. The geyser should look like it belongs in your sophisticated bathroom. If you have a commercial use for it, it is even more important for it be aesthetically pleasing and not an eye sore. Fortunately the geysers nowadays come with a huge range of stylish models to choose from.

Size: Is the space in your bathroom too small? Consider buying a smaller build that is designed to fit in tiny corners. If you have a bigger bathroom and a larger family, a bigger geyser is perfect for you. Your intended use and available space is an important factor to determine what size geyser you should buy.

Maintenance: Appliances need to be maintained well and it cost you a ton of money if your geyser needs to be serviced a lot. Look for a geyser that is low-maintenance. Switching it off when not in use is a good way to increase the life of the geyser.

Life-expectancy: Look for a geyser that lasts longer. Cheaper models may do the job but will not last you long. Invest in a brand that is sure to deliver on its promises. Branded models will also provide great customer service which will extend the life of your product.

Warranty: Make sure you check the warranty provided. A minimum of 2 years of warranty is ideal. Some manufactures provide warranty for different parts of the geyser as well.

Eco-friendly: Check the energy star rating to ensure maximum savings on your electricity bill. The climate change and global warming is a cause of concern and you should definitely invest in a geyser that does not take up a lot of power.

Wattage: Choose a geyser that has a higher wattage to ensure faster heating. Switching on the geyser for too long is not good for the environment or you.

Capacity: Do you have a large family? Are you going to be using the geyser for commercial purposes? If so, it is better to opt for a geyser that has a big storage capacity. You should choose a geyser with 1L capacity if you are a couple or a single person as this should be sufficient for you.

Why should you buy a Clifton Geyser?

High Quality Material: This state of the art electric heater is made from premium raw materials that is durable and extremely long-lasting. Auto-off feature: When the water supply is cut off, the geysers automatically switches off.

Easy to use: Clifton geyser is extremely user friendly. There are no complicated instructions and anyone can easily use it. So, even if you are technologically-challenged, this geyser will not give you any trouble.

Low maintenance: One of the factors that you should keep in mind is how easy or hard is it to maintain your geyser. Fortunately with Clifton geyser, you will face no challenges. It is extremely easy to maintain and the instruction manual is very simple to understand.

Portable: Another useful feature that Clifton geyser offers is that it is portable. This is very helpful if you move around a lot or in a transferrable job. Most geysers are so bulky that once you install it, you simply cannot think of moving it.

Auto power cut-off: Many geysers get damaged due to overheating. This can happen if you leave the geyser on for too long. Clifton geyser has an auto power cut-off feature in case the temperature exceeds optimal temperature.

Warranty: You get a whole 2 years on the product which is excellent for a geyser. Most geysers do not offer such a good warranty.

Instant heating: Clifton geyser offers instant heating so that you do not have wait for too long. Most geysers take anywhere between 15-20 minutes to make the water hot. With Clifton, you can get hot water in just 4 seconds.

Shock Proof and Rust Proof: Clifton geyser is shock proof and also rust proof. The body is made of PP and ABS. This means it is completely safe and also will last you very long.

Instant Installation: It is very simple to attach. You merely have to attach the tap in your bathroom to the geyser and it will start working immediately. You do not require a plumber to come and install the geyser for you saving you a lot of money.

MCB for additional safety: A lot of times due to voltage fluctuations, appliances get damaged when in use. There is a defined voltage range in which they can work. If it exceeds that range or is below that range, then the appliances do not work in the manner they are supposed to. Geysers are especially susceptible to this. This is why you need to have MCB to trip the power when there is a lot of voltage fluctuation. With Clifton geyser, you get an MCB for extra safety to prevent any damage to your geyser. There is no need for you to buy one yourself.

Pocket-friendly: Clifton geysers price is very affordable and easy on the wallet. It is affordable yet a good quality product which is hard to find these days.

High wattage: Clifton geyser has a high wattage of 3kW which is extremely good in many ways. With such a high wattage it is able to heat water very fast. This helps to save on your electricity bill reducing the amount of time you leave your geyser on. This is also very good for the environment. The lesser your energy consumption, the better it is for the environment. You will be reducing your carbon footprint by purchasing this geyser.

Where to Buy Clifton Geyser?

Clifton geyser has all of the features that you look for in a geyser at an affordable price. If you are looking for a geyser, then go for Clifton geyser. Instead of buying it personally in a shop, opt to buy Clifton geyser online. This is beneficial in many ways.

Mind you, there are a lot of online stores out there but not all of them offer such great benefits. Paytm Mall is one such portal where you can shop for literally anything and at great prices.

So, if you want to buy Clifton geyser online, choose Paytm Mall. There is a vast collection of products on the app to choose from. Consider checking out similar products by other brands like Bajaj geyser, Haier geyser, Havells geyser. You can shop for all these products on the same app without any fuss.

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