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Oats- Healthy food

Think of eating healthy and the first name that strikes the mind is oats. Getting fit and healthy is now on top of mind with most of us. Oats was earlier used as livestock feed. It is an interesting and versatile ingredient. Oats is a cereal and belongs to the category of cereals like barley and wheat.

From being the ignored one to being the revered one, oats have come a long way. Known for its nutritious and health benefits, this humble cereal can no more be ignored. It is now a regular part of diet for many. Also known as oatmeal, the cereal is now used to make everything from porridge to cookies, cakes to bread.

Different Varieties of Oats

Oats are available in a variety of forms, each variety significant in some kind or the other. Let's understand oats better.

Oat Bran

The oat bran is ground from the hull or the thin outer covering that holds the oat seed. The shell is high on fibre, magnesium, protein and iron. In short, it could be called highly nutritious. The oat bran is high in soluble fibre making it easy to digest and beneficial to the body. Quick to cook, fulfilling and low on calories is what makes this a favourite breakfast dish.

Oat Groats

Oat groats are similar to rice, brown rice to be precise. They have a similar texture and have a slightly sweet and nutty flavour to it. They are also known as plain oats. While they might be similar to rice, it takes almost an hour to cook. The calorific value of the oat groats is identical to a lot of other grains, but what sets it apart from the rest is its fibre and protein content.

Steel-cut Oats

Even though this might sound like a big name, steel-cut oats are nothing but chopped oat groat. The steel-cut oats bring in a creamy texture when cooked and can be slightly chewy. The cooking time of the steel-oats is a lot lesser as compared to the oat groats. High on nutrition and fibre, these are one of the preferred and favoured varieties by many.

Rolled Oats

Rolled oats are made by rolling the oat groat and steaming them. The steaming partially cooks the oats and therefore reduces cooking time. Rolled oats cook in about 5-7minutes and have a thick creamy texture. These oats are mostly used in baking cakes, bread and cookies.

Quick rolled Oats

These are the most processed form of oats. However, they still have high nutritional value. This is the variety you will mostly find in the packets you bring from the store. They cook quickly since they are rolled thinner than rolled oats. They lack the chewy texture, mainly because they are extremely thin.

Oat Flour

When oat groats or steel-cut oats are ground, you get oat flour. It is soft and has a nutty flavour and hence favoured in baking.

Masala Oats

Masala Oats is the Indian version of oats which is ready to cook mix. It has spices and real vegetables making it a perfect meal in itself. It can be eaten without any accompaniments. Masala oats come in a variety of spice flavours and are a favourite breakfast and dinner option.

Why are oats good for you?

Let's admit it, in spite of all the nutrition; oats is not a favourite among many. Most of them prefer to shy away from a bowl of oatmeal. However, oats have a whole lot of health benefits. Irrespective of whether you eat whole oats, plain oats or masala oats, you can be assured of a bowl of nutrition and fibre which are good for your health.

Oats and nutrition

Oats are packed with nutrition. Rich in proteins and fibre, eating oats can help you combat many potential health issues. Rich in magnesium, eating a bowl of oats will help you take care of your magnesium needs. Magnesium is important for bone formation and bone health. You will also find your daily dose of Vitamin B1 in a bowl of oats.

Filling food

Oats can fill you up without piling up on calories. A cup of cooked plain oats has about 150 calories. The fibre is responsible for making you feel full. When you eat oats, your body takes time to absorb and digest it, hence keeping you full and keeping those hunger pangs at bay.

Reduces cholesterol

Oats help reduce and control cholesterol. Oats have soluble fibre, and this helps control the cholesterol levels in the blood.

Helps control Diabetes

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease which has made its way into life. Oats are best for people suffering from this condition as it helps keep the hunger away and helps maintain the blood sugar levels.

Improved Digestion

Oats helps enhance digestion and aids in preventing constipation. Oats is recommended for people suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Skin Care

Oats acts as a great exfoliant and is used in face masks. In the earlier days, oats were used to soothe itching caused by chicken pox. Oats are also used to soothe irritated, itchy skin.

Oats can be consumed in so many ways. The best part about oats is that they are healthy and guilt-free. Eating oats can help bring a healthy lifestyle change and make you fitter. Oats are available in every store now. However, you could indulge in some hassle-free online shopping at Paytm Mall.

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