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Energize Your Living

Say that you are an avid sportsperson. You love being outdoors, playing games and engaging in various physical activities. But, after all the sweating and panting, your body is in a state of exhaustion. The activities make you lose essential electrolytes from your body. The question arises on how to replenish your body after exercise? The answer is quite simple – by consuming energy drinks post workouts.

What are Energy Drinks?

We are no strangers to the internet. It has kept us connected to the lives of our favorite sportspersons and preferred sport. Usually, the sportspersons hydrate themselves by drinking sports drinks after a, particularly exhausting game. But we usually get confused between sports drinks and energy drinks.

Energy beverages are similar to sports drinks. Both are usually used post workouts. However, people use energy beverages because these drinks are known to enhance energy, increase endurance, and improve concentration, as they contain caffeine as its main ingredient.

Sports drinks are used post workouts in order to restore the electrolyte levels of the body which is lost during the workout. Sports drinks do not contain caffeine but have carbohydrate in the form of sugars, and protein which helps in the restoration of the balance in the body.

Are Sports Drinks Useful?

Sports drinks are the best choice for a person before, during, and after exercise. Sports drinks are ideal when we have been engaged in a strenuous activity for a long-time which result in excess amounts of sweat. A runner or a cyclist will be able to take the maximum advantage of a sports beverage post workout.

The American National Academy of Sports Medicine suggests that people who are training for endurance sports such as a triathlon, marathon, or decathlon will benefit the most from the consumption of sports drinks and beverages.

What do Sports Drinks Contain?

Sure, you can take plain water post workout when you have had a light workout session, but it won't be able to replenish all the fluids you have lost during the workout session. Sports drinks are the best beverage option to take in order to ensure that your body isn’t dehydrated. At Paytm Mall, we will be able to find a variety of sports drinks and beverages to chose from.

Types of Sports Drinks

Time for a quick science lesson, people! With all the crazy jargon in sports drinks and beverages sector, it's often confusing which type of sports drink you should buy in order to meet your need post workout.

There are three types of sports drinks.

  • Hypotonic (lower concentration than blood)
  • Isotonic (about the same concentration)
  • Hypertonic (higher concentration)

Now, all of this is very important because it has a direct correlation with the amount of energy (carbohydrate) it can deliver and how quickly you can absorb it into your bloodstream to replace the fluid you're losing in your sweat. Isn’t that neat?

Isotonic Sports Drinks

Most traditional sports drinks technically fall into the ‘isotonic’ category. They have the most similar composition to that of human blood. Theoretically, isotonic sports drinks will give you a moderate amount of energy post workout. Isotonic sports drinks do it in record time too! They deliver a reasonable amount of energy and clear the gut promptly.

Hypertonic Sports Drinks

Hypertonic sports drinks are more concentrated than your blood. Now, why would you want your sportdrink to be thicker than blood? Well, it is because hypertonic sports drinks help you to maximize your energy delivery in high impact workout sessions, and to restore homeostasis post workout.

Hypertonic sports drinks are your best bet when it comes to administering a large number of calories and nutrients quickly and efficiently into your body.

Hypotonic Sports Drinks

If there is a situation where you need your sports drinks to deliver immediately to your bloodstream, hypotonic sports drinks are your go-to beverage. But, with the fast delivery, it loses some of its carbohydrate amount per volume. Hypotonic drinks should be your preferred option if the primary goal of your drink is hydration rather than delivery of large amounts of energy.

Where to Buy Sports Drinks?

You can buy the Sports Drinks at Paytm Mall, India’s best and most efficient online service. You can buy in easy steps, sitting at the comfort of your home. At Paytm Mall you can avail the offers rolled out often, thereby getting your worth for money spent.

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