Fitness – something we all strive to achieve. Sometime in our younger days and sometime later in our adulthood. The reason usually ranges from taking care of your body, losing a few pounds to getting those washboard abs. This quest to get into the best shape of your life is not a cake walk as it requires consistent training, a balanced diet and an optimum nutrition, on a regular basis.

Since the major roadblocks in one’s fitness journey often comprise of an unbalanced diet, incomplete nutrition, and insufficient supplements. Thanks to the poor marketing gimmicks that have sublimed the importance of the external source of nutrition via supplements. These supplements range from whey protein, pre-workout, mass gainer to BCAA. Whey protein is one of the crucial supplements that not only helps in fueling your muscles but also helps them with their post-workout recovery.

But ever wondered why Whey Protein is so important? Why the fitness industry talks so highly of it? What makes it a must-have in your bodybuilding regimen. Well, read on to find out!

What Exactly Is Whey Protein?

Whey protein is a by-product of milk that gets separated during cheese production.
Essentially, during cheese production, the fats in the milk get coagulated and turns into cottage cheese leaving the liquid behind. This leftover liquid is referred to as whey protein – a solution of 5% lactose in water with some lactalbumin and minerals. In order to conceal the bland taste of natural whey, artificial flavours are added at a later stage.  

Which Whey Protein to Choose?

There are essentially 3 kinds of whey protein. Although, all 3 varieties have similar characteristics –  what set them apart is their absorption rate and impact on your body.

  • Whey Concentrate: This type of whey protein contains about 70-80% protein. It contains lactose which basically is milk sugars along with fats and generally tastes good
  • Whey Isolate: This type of whey protein contains about 90% or higher Protein content. It’s very low in lactose as well as fats and has comparatively less nutritional benefits compared to whey concentrate
  • Whey Hydrolysate: This type of whey protein is pre-digested which makes protein absorption relatively faster. This causes about 28-43% spike in our insulin levels. This type of Whey Protein is known as hydrolyzed whey

Out of all these 3 kinds of whey protein, whey concentrate is widely accepted by the masses as it is not only affordable but also caters to individuals with minimal to zero fitness levels.

Benefits of Whey Protein

  • Strengthen your Muscles: The post-workout body requires immediate nutrition. Here’s whey protein comes into the picture as it gets absorbed in the muscles quickly and help them recover faster.
  • Tones your Body: Whey protein is a low-carb, high-protein supplement that solely focuses on leaning your body and strengthing your muscles with its fast-recovery process. Which results in toning your body.
  • Increases Satiety: A sufficient amount of whey protein in your daily diet impacts your satiety levels and makes you feel full for a longer period of time.
  • Quashes your Sweettooth: With a gazillion recipes of protein-loaded desserts, one can easily make pancakes, smoothies, waffles, and shakes that too without missing out on nutrition.
  • Amp Up Fat loss: Muscles that are nourished burn fat even when there is no sign of any physical activity. So, keeping your daily nutrition filled with protein as it escalates the fat loss process without hampering the biochemical composition of your body.

In a nutshell, whey protein is of great importance especially, if you wish to take your fitness seriously. It is generally advised to consume at least 25-50 gm of protein on a regular basis. With market filled with so many options, it gets a wee bit difficult to decide which one works best and fits your pocket too.

To help you out with just that, we are recommending one such whey protein that not only tastes good but also fits your pocket. Weider – an ultrafiltered whey protein that offers the benefits of L-Glutamine as well. To find out your favourite flavour with thundering deals, head straight to Paytm Mall and explore the assortment from top brands.

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